Two-Row Cylindrical Roller Radial Bearings FAQS

QWhat is cylindrical Roller Bearings

ACylindrical Roller Bearings are designed to carry heavy radial loads. These bearings are made with a single row, two rows, or multi-rows of rolling elements to meet an application's radial load requirement. ... These bearings are dimensionally interchangeable to same numbered and sized bearings in the industry.

QWhich bearing is suitable for heavy radial load?

AThe outer cylindrical roller bearings have a high load-carrying capacity and are only subjected to radial loads. The tapered roller bearing has a steep contact angle and is only subjected to axial loads. This bearing is used in extreme heavy-duty applications, such as cold rolling mills for sheet metal.

QWhy the double row roller bearing is used?

ADouble Row or Two Row cylindrical roller bearings are designed for heavy loads that can't be serviced with a single row bearing. The additional row of rollers allows for the increased radial loads.

QAre roller bearings better than ball bearings?

ABall bearings make use of hardened spherical balls that can handle both radial as well as thrust loads. They are made use of where the load is relatively small. ... As the name implies, the roller is not a sphere but cylindrical in shape so that contact between the outer and inner race is not a point but a straight line